Looking for Grant Assistance?

Every penny counts in the current economy.  Are you looking for ways to be fiscally responsible while advancing your simulation program in adopting barcode medication administration (BCMA)?  We are here to provide support.

First, we have a free completed generic grant proposal template for you to use in writing for your next grant.  Simply cut and paste into the format of whatever grant RFP that you may have.


Many nursing programs may qualify for the CARES Act funding and further details about that can be found at CARES Act.

Lastly, meds2GROW is remarkably affordable.  The low one-time cost has allowed for many programs to purchase multiple systems for less than the price of one hospital-based automated dispensing unit!



Anniversary Sale 10% off

Several years ago we were Nursing Simulation Faculty frustrated with the existing medication administration equipment in our lab. We had clunky outdated nursing home carts and paper charts. We also had ONE expensive grant funded system that was VERY labor intensive for set up/maintenance and unable to support the volume of students practicing med administration.

Out of that need for change came meds2GROW! We identified the pain points universally encountered by nursing faculty– lack of realism including functional barcode scanning, lack of time to reset a cumbersome system between students, and lack of money to purchase multiple systems for the volume of students.

Over the past five years, nursing schools from around the USA have discovered how truly easy it is to use meds2GROW and hundreds of students are practicing medication administration safely in the simulation lab before passing medications in clinical.

We invite you to celebrate our 5th Anniversary with a 10% discount on orders placed before May 31, 2020.

Realistic Barcode Scanning

meds2GROW addresses the need for realistic barcode scanning as part of a comprehensive simulated medication administration training system. Nursing programs striving to incorporate best practices in teaching safe medication administration now can check barcode scanning off their search list!