We are getting to the end of our first semester on meds2GROW.  The students love the system.meds2GROW user

We are using it quite a lot…The students are very comfortable with it and even our faculty who are less fond of technology find it very easy to use after doing it a few times.

meds2GROW early adopter

We got a grant to purchase another sim2grow med dispense system.  So you will be hearing from the college to purchase this for us.  We are excited to get another cart.

Repeat customer

“Recently student reps spoke at a faculty meeting and one of the things they brought up was the meds2GROW system and how it was so terrific and made simulation more realistic.When I give the new students an intro to meds2GROW, I mention how it was created by two nurses and how you never know how you will use your nursing knowledge.”

Cathy S.  from Harford Community College 

“It meets our needs!”

“I wish I would have thought of that–It’s not another high tech “toy” that won’t get used.”

“It’s beautiful in its simplicity.”

INACSL Conference Attendees

Current meds2GROW Customers